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Employment Application



Send the School District application form, resume, two professional letters of reference, and two professional references to:  Dr. Kelly T. Burhop, District Administrator, Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton School District, PO Box 130, Ontario, WI  54651

Application Deadline – July 5, 2019




180 Days Students are in Session Plus, 12 Mornings for Summer School Breakfast, 60 Hours of Summer Responsibilities.


Wages are dependent of Experience and Qualifications of the Candidate.
Participation in the School District’s Group Health Care Plan
Participation in the Wisconsin Retirement System
Long Term Disability Insurance


The Food Service Manager is responsible for preparation and production of food, sanitary conditions in the kitchens, and the management of the food service staff.  The Food Service Manager is also responsible for the nutritional value of the school district lunches as well as proper record keeping and documentation of all aspects of the food service program.

The Food Service Manager will also be required to perform some of the duties of a Cook.  Those duties are outlined in the Part-time Cook’s Job Description.


  1. Personnel
    1. Schedules the work times of all food service staff for most efficient use of time.
    2. Schedules workloads and determines responsibilities for all food service staff.
    3. Insures that all food service staff members meet all polices and laws set forth by governmental institutions.
    4. Arranges for substitutes when food service staff is absent.
    5. Trains newly hired food service staff members on responsibilities.
    6. Sends food service staff to appropriate training sessions as required by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 
  2. Managerial
    1. Develops the school lunch menu.
    2. Insures that all school lunches meet all established nutritional standards for the student body.
    3. Respond to student food preferences to increase participation in school lunch.
    4. Oversees a sanitary and safe kitchen in the high school and elementary buildings.
    5. Orders all food and milk.
    6. Completes requisitions and purchase orders for administrative approval.
    7. Determines ala carte items to be sold at the high school.
    8. Responsible for tracking student and staff lunch participation at the Jr. High and High School building during lunch time by inputting purchases.
    9. Check that all billed items were delivered.
    10. Handles commodity orders, rebates, and reviews contributions.
    11. Inventories food.
    12. Prepares for inspections by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.
    13. Communicates and initiates contracts with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.
    14. Monitors and manages the Fund 50 budget.
    15. Personally attends required training sessions established by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 
  3. Record Keeping
    1. Check and record temperatures of all freezers and coolers.
    2. Keep production records of all meal and snacks served.
    3. Process the direct certification for free and reduced families.
    4. Compile and monthly report of participation separated by free, reduced and paid categories for afternoon snacks for REAL program.
    5. Itemize costs and submit bill for fund transfer for the REAL program.
    6. Keep records on all milk used for different activities.
    7. Accurately records planned menus, food produced and food discarded.
  4. Food Preparation and Service
    1. Develop standardized recipes to insure consistent quality.
    2. Maintains quality food production and distribution.
    3. Assist food service personnel in food production and preparation as needed.
  5. Miscellaneous
    1. Monitors maintenance and use of all food service equipment
    2. Perform all reasonable tasks at the request of the Superintendent.


    (9:15 TO 2:15 DAILY) 

    Wages:            $14.36 per Hour

    Benefits:         8 sick Days Annually

                            Participation in the Wisconsin Retirement System

    Application Information:     Send the School District’s Employment Application form by July 5, 2019 to:  Dr. Kelly T. Burhop, District Administrator, Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton School District, Ontario, WI  54651.


    School District Cooks are responsible for preparation and production of food and sanitary conditions in the kitchens and eating areas. 


    School District Cooks reports to and are under the supervision of the Food Service Manager.  The Food Service Manager is responsible for the assignment of specific duties of each Cook.


    All school personnel are required to perform the following tasks as School District Cooks.

    • Follows planned menus, accurately recording food produced and food discarded.
    • Practices safety procedures in cooking and distributing food.
    • Provides for a sanitary environment.
    • Practices safety procedures and care in using kitchen equipment.
    • Performs any reasonable duty as requested by the Food Service Manager or School District Administration.


    All school personnel are required to do the following in order to be hired by the Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton School District in any capacity in the Food Service area.

    • Be able to read and comprehend written and verbal instructions.
    • Understand and perform simple arithmetic required to calculate and record production quantities, inventory, and hours worked.
    • Verbal and listening skills to provide a positive experience for students and staff who are customers of the food service program.
    • Must be able to stand and walk for most of the work day.
    • Must be able to lift, reach, push and carry items weighing up to fifty (50) pounds.
    • Vision to see at close range for judging the appearance and condition of food and food displays.
    • Versatility in performing multiple tasks throughout the school year.
    • Maintain very good personal hygiene practices.
    • Act with conduct that is consistent with school district policies and procedures.

    Elementary & District Administrative Assistant

    10 month contract – mid August through mid June

    $13.50 to $14.50 per hour dependent upon experience and qualifications

    Benefits – Participation in the School District’s Group Health Plan, Participation in the Wisconsin Retirement System, Long Term Disability Insurance

    Send a Letter of Application, Resume, Two Professional Letters of Reference, and a list of Three Professional References by Noon on June 28 to:  Dr. Kelly T. Burhop, District Administrator, NOW School District, PO Box 130, Ontario, WI  54651 

    Basic Function

    It shall be the basic function of the Elementary and District Administrator’s Secretary to perform the tasks listed in this policy and also perform other reasonable tasks at the direction of the District Administrator.  The Elementary and District Administrator’s Secretary must have skills in communicating with students, parents, community members, staff, and administration in a positive way.  Other skills include, but are not limited to; the ability to listen and follow directions, quality organizational skills, proper groom and dress, and the flexibility to handle the various unexpected duties that happen during the course of a school day.


    The Elementary and District Administrator’s Secretary is required to have a high school diploma.  Any other post-secondary training in secretarial or clerical skills is recommended.  Keyboarding and computer skills are necessary.  Ability to learn software systems is needed.  Confidentiality of information available to the employee is critical.

    Reports to

    The Elementary and District Administrator’s Secretary reports primarily to the Norwalk- Ontario-Wilton District Administrator.

    Specific Responsibilities

    The duties and responsibilities of the Elementary and District Administrator’s Secretary consist of, but are not limited to the following:

    Students Record Keeping

    1. Maintain elementary student attendance records.
    2. Create and distribute elementary student information packets to parents.
    3. File, and keep orderly files of pertinent information.
    4. Mail out requested student records by other school districts.
    5. Request student records of other school districts.
    6. Print and distribute Elementary Report Cards for 3rd – 6th grade.
    7. Enter pertaining Pass/Fail information for Early Childhood – 2nd grade for Course Work Completion Reporting.
    8. Oversee and ensure completion of student online registration.

    Fiscal Activities

    1. Collect staff telephone use monies.
    2. Receipt resale monies for sale and supplies. (ie.fax, copies)
    3. Contact copier lease company for any mechanical issues with elementary workroom and district office copy machines.
    4. Enters copy machine meter reading information to copier lease company.
    5. Complete, distribute and collect all staff letters or assignments and/or contracts.
    6. Maintain files for District Administrator.

    Duties Including Student Data

    1. Completes the School District Census every year.
    2. Updates class lists from student entry and withdrawal.
    3. Compile attendance and current class lists for the September and January Count Days.
    4. Complete DPI form PI 1563 for reconciliation purposes from the September and January count days.
    5. Complete DPI form 1804 W2 for the Summer School Membership Report.

    Food Service

    1. Distribute, collect and organize free and reduced lunch forms.
    2. Collect afternoon and morning milk count forms.
    3. Communicate with parents, students and staff questions concerning food service.
    4. Collect, receipt and deposit school lunch monies.

    School Board Duties

    1. Compile and distribute Board Packets.
    2. Proofread board minutes for District Administrator.
    3. Update minute book 

    Miscellaneous Duties

    1. Answer the telephone and relay messages to staff and students.
    2. Greet and assist people as they come to the office.
    3. Run all office machines.
    4. Get materials to staff as requested.
    5. Order all Elementary Office supplies.
    6. Purchase postage for postage meter.
    7. Run mail daily through postage meter.
    8. Inform teacher and bus driver regarding elementary students riding home on a different bus that day.
    9. Inform bus drivers of student change of address or new or moved students that affect transportation.
    10. Elementary gradebook scheduling.
    11. Update and maintain staff mailboxes in Elementary Workroom.
    12. Create and distribute monthly elementary newsletters.
    13. Completes monthly fire drill report.
    14. Other elementary and district level related requests made by the Elementary Principal or District Administrator.

    Elementary School English Language Learner Teacher

    The Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton School District has an opening for an Elementary English Language Learner Teacher.  Any interested candidate must speak fluid Spanish and hold a four-year degree in Spanish/ELL Education or be willing to work under a provisional DPI Teaching license while getting certification.   Responsibilities of the position are:

    1.  Collaborate with Regular and Special Education Teachers to make accommodations and modifications of assignments and tests for students with varying levels of English proficiency.

    2.  Interpret IEP meetings for ELL's who are in special education.

    3.  Interpret for Parent/Teacher Conferences.

    4.  Teach content areas (Reading/Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies) for new students who do not speak English.

    5.  Administer the ACCESS English Proficiency Test and/or screeners to all students identified as English Language Learners.

    6.  Review ACCESS Test data to determine if students no longer need ELL help and can be graduated from the program.

    7.  Review student achievement data with Teachers and Administration to help better serve students in the ELL program.

    8.  Determine if students who qualify for English Language Learner services are eligible for accommodations on the Wisconsin Forward Exam then advise test administrators.

    Please submit your application on the WECAN web-site (https://wecan.education.wisc.edu)  The position is open until filled.

    Substitute Teachers

    $108.00 Per Day
    If interested contact: Kelly Burhop, District Administrator
    (608)337-4403 or kburhop@now.k12.wi.us

    Substitute Food Service Workers

    $11 Per Hour
    If interested contact: Vicky Wathke, Food Service Manager
    (608)337-4401 Ext. 265 or vwathke@now.k12.wi.us

    Coaching Opportunities

    Head Boys Basketball Coach (season begins in November) - Deadline 6/1/19 or when filled

    Junior High Cross Country Coach - Deadline 6/4/19 or when filled

    Junior High Boys Basketball Coach - Deadline 6/4/19  or when filled

    Assistant High School Boys Basketball Coach - Deadline 6/4/19  or when filled

    Assistant High School Track Coach - Deadline 7/1/19  or when filled

    Submit: Letter of interest, coaching/teaching resume, 3 references, and district application to: Ken Clinton, AD, Brookwood High School, P.O. Box 130, 28861 Highway 131, Ontario, WI 54651

    For further info, contact Ken Clinton @ 608-337-4401 or kclinton@now.k12.wi.us