Support Services

710 Support Service Goals
710 Support Service Goals
720 Safety Program
720 Safety Program
721 Buildings and Grounds Inspections
722 Fire Drills
723 Tornado Drills
724 Bomb Threats
725 School Closings
726 Crisis Management
730 Building and Grounds
731 Building and Grounds Management
740 Materials Resource Management
741 Maintenance and Control of Instructional Materials
742 Authorized Use of School Owned Equipment
742 Exhibit Equipment Furniture Loan Request
750 Transportation Services Management
751 Student Transportation
751.1 Bus Routing and Scheduling
751.2 Co-curricular Transportation
751.4 Use of Video Cameras on School Buses
752 District Vehicle Use
752.1 Staff Use of Cell Phones in School District Vehicles
760 Food Service Management
760 Food Service Program
761 Free and Reduced Price Food Services
762 Automated Lunch Program
762.1 Food Service Collection and Denial of Access to Food Services Programs Due to Non Payment
762.1 Rule Food Service Collection and Denial of Access to Food Service Programs Due to Non Payment
763 Vending Machines
780 Insurance Management
780 Insurance