Elementary Newsletter

January 19, 2018

Child Development Day

The School District of Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton, in cooperation with surrounding communities and agencies that provide services to families with young children, will host the 2018 Child Development Day on April 10 from 3:30-6:30 in the Elementary Gym. This will include a booth for registration for 4K. They need to be 4 before September 1, 2018. Families who are on our census will receive a letter towards the end of March with more information. If you are not sure if you are on the list, please call Kathy Jones at 337-4420.

Families with children between the ages of 2 years 10 months to 4 years will be invited to celebrate their child’s development. Parents, as your child’s first teacher we recognize you as partners in your child’s education. This informal screening allows your child to play with others while observers complete a developmental checklist which is shared with parents. Agencies from the community will offer a wealth of materials to inform you of resources available in this area. Car seat safety information will be available as well as an onsite inspection at you request.

Child Development Day has three primary goals:

1. To provide families with information concerning children’s normal sequence of growth and development from birth to age 5.

2. To provide families with information regarding service available in the community and county.

3. To identify young children who may need a further assessment in the following areas: physical, sensory, personal, social, adaptive, large and fine motor, communication and cognition.

We need your support to assist with our Child Find Program. If you are aware of any children of the above ages, please contact Kathy Jones at 337-4420 extension 378.

Come share a half hour or so with your child. This is a celebration to support families whose young children are our future!

From the Music Room

The fourth grade music classes will be starting their recorder unit next week.  Letters have been sent home with all fourth grade classes explaining that students can purchase a good quality recorder for $3.  If students purchase a recorder it is theirs to keep.  I will be handing the recorders out next week and once we begin the recorder unit students will have an assignment each week that they need to practice at home.  Students will earn a “recorder karate belt” for each song that they master.  The top level to reach is the black belt.  The unit usually lasts about 9 weeks.  Happy practicing to all the 4th graders. 

Also please mark your calendars for the upcoming spring concert.  It will be held on Thursday, May 3rd at 7:00 p.m. in the high school gym.  The spring concert includes grades kindergarten – 2nd grade and the elementary band.

From the Art Room

If you are looking to donate items (such as fabric or anything you can think of) to the art room, we’ll gladly accept so the students can make art!

Five students will have their artwork displayed in West Salem at the Heider Center in celebration of Youth Art Month in March for the Regional Art Show.  The opening reception is on Thursday, February 22nd from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. displaying their artwork and other area student art.  The students are Taylor Fennigkoh, Yesenia Ruiz, Lizzy Curtis, Mily Alcantar and Emma Baldwin.  Three of the five will have their artwork displayed at the State Capital in March for the state wide celebration.  Stay tuned to see which three get to go to Madison!

5th Grade Math Team

A little shout out to our team of 5th Graders that participated in the Math Knowledge Tournament on Tuesday at Sparta Meadowview School.  There were two rounds involved: an individual round, which our very own Camden Brueggeman got first overall (in a mix of close to 100 students).  The second round consisted of a team round and our team tied for 4th place overall (of about 24 teams).  This is mixed in with some pretty large schools.  What an amazing job our teachers and parents have done!!!

From the School Nurse



We all know how important it is to establish a bedtime routine for children.  Recent studies reveal that there is an adverse association between screen-base media consumption before bedtime and sleep health.

Not only do electronics delay bedtime with engaging, exciting content that can release hormones such as adrenaline, but the bright screen light may also be having a negative effect.  Exposure to these light emissions in the evening hours before sleep can increase alertness and can disrupt the body’s naturally occurring rhythms by suppressing the release of melatonin, which is important for maintaining and regulating our sleep-wake cycles.

So put away the tablets, turn off the TV and encourage your kids to spend at least 30 minutes of “gadget-free transition time” with a good old-fashioned book at bedtime.

Carmen Peterson, RN
608-337-4420 X 373

This and That

Family Math & Science Night:  Family Math and Science Night planning is in the works.  Teachers will be meeting next week to discuss details.  Be watching for more information to come home with your child.

Lost & Found: There have been a lot of items turned in to the lost and found.  Some of these items include t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, gloves and snow pants.  There have also been a number of glasses that have been left in different places of the school and turned in to the office.  If your child is missing any of these items, please have them go through the lost and found bin for clothing or stop in the office to take a look at the glasses.

Winter Weather Gear: Please make sure your child is coming prepared with appropriate outdoor recess clothing/gear.  We have a lot of students attempt to go out for recess without gloves, boots, hats.  All of these items are required when the temperature is below 49 degrees.  And boots must be worn when mud and snow are present.  Thank you for helping to ensure your student has the proper gear!

Up-Coming Highlights

Friday, January 19

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Monday, January 22

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Wednesday, February 7

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Friday, February 16

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From the Principal's Desk

Can you believe we are halfway through this school year already?  This year is flying by!!!

That being said we need your help!!!!


Reading exposes your child to rich language and diverse content.

Reading with your children helps prepare their minds to succeed in school.

Reading provides precious time together.

Reading expands children’s experiences of new people, places and things.

Reading feeds the imagination.

Reading develops listening skills.

Reading builds language skills.

Reading is enjoyable and encourages children to learn throughout their lives.

Please make time to read with your children each day.  A few minutes a day will make a huge difference for the rest of their lives!!!

Emergency School Closings

Please listen to the following TV and Radio Stations if inclement weather comes our way. School is usually delayed or cancelled no later than 6:45 a.m.


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