Superintendent’s Message

By Dr. Kelly T. Burhop – District Administrator

February 3, 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Gayle Luebke, Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton Elementary Principal, who has been awarded the “Outstanding Administrator Award” from the Wisconsin State Reading Association.  I see her commitment to educating children on a daily basis, and she is very deserving of this recognition.  Dr. Luebke has also stated that the recognition is for the entire elementary staff and their effort given to educating all students.

All school districts in Wisconsin are required to do a Nondiscrimination Self Test every five years.  I, along with the help of many others in the NOW School District, have been putting together information about the NOW School District and its practices in regards to three areas:

Ø  Counseling Services

Ø  Co-curricular (Academic and Athletic) Participation

Ø  Scholarships

The data collected and the results have been placed in a report.  The report is posted on the district’s web-site for student, parent and constituent review.  There will be a publicly posted meeting to receive community input over the Nondiscrimination Self Test.  That meeting will be held February 20, 2017, in the Brookwood Jr. & Sr. High Office Large Conference Room at 7:00 p.m.  You may also contact me here at the school if you have any questions about the report.  The report will be taken to the NOW School Board for approval on March 13.

Governor Walker has released his rural school component of his biennial budget.  If his proposals hold up, it appears the Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton School District will receive an additional $75,000 in Sparsity Aid and $25,000 in Transportation Aid. (Both financial numbers are estimates at this time).  This will go a long way in helping cover the loss in school district revenues on the school district’s state-imposed revenue controls due to decreasing enrollment of students.

I would like to inform the constituency of other information concerning the school:

Ø  The NOW School District did have a new fire alarm system installed over winter break.    

Ø  The Brookwood High School Wrestling Team won its first conference title in school history.  Congratulations to Head Coach Chad Ottum and the entire wrestling staff—and especially the wrestlers themselves on a job very well done.

Ø  The Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton Board of Education heard from the auditors at the last Board meeting.  The School District is strong financially, and the report was extremely positive over the handling of school district finances.

Ø  Thank you to all parents for your flexibility during this stretch of weather.  I am hopeful that the weather eventually straightens out.

Ø  Just in case some parents are wondering, there is no school on February 17.  That day will not be used as a school make-up day due to a scheduled staff in-service in La Crosse.

Have a great week.