Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton School District

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education

November 16, 2015

Brookwood High School Offices – Large Conference Room


I.                   Call To Order

The meeting was called to order by President Kurt Radke at 7:00 p.m.


II.                Roll Call

Board members present were, Mrs. Wang, Mr. Arndt, Mr. Streeter, Mr. Bauman, and Mr. Radke.  Administration present was Mr. Burhop, Dr. Luebke and Mr. Pettit.  Also present were Mary Prielipp, Wayne Barrett, Amy Langner, Harvey Menn, Jackie Menn, and the County Line.


III.             Legal Meeting Determination

Motion to approve this as a legal meeting with proper notice was made by Mr. Streeter, seconded by Mrs. Wang.  Motion passed unanimously.


IV.             Approval of the Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda was made by Mr. Bauman, seconded by Mr. Streeter.  Motion passed unanimously.


V.                Approval of the Minutes

Motion to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of October 12, 2015 and Special Board Meeting of October 26, 2015, was made by Mrs. Wang, seconded by Mr. Arndt.  Motion passed unanimously.


VI.             Reports

A.    Auditor’s Report – Melanie Lendosky – Johnson Block

Melanie Lendosky of Johnson Block reviewed the School District’s 2014-15 fiscal audit with the NOW Board.  She highlighted internal control items, areas of school district revenue sources, areas of budgetary expenditures, general and food service fund balances, and trends in student enrollment, state aid and property tax trends, and reviewed the district’s long term debt situation.


B.     Financial Reports

1.         Vouchers Payable

Motion to approve Electronic Fund Transfers #1066 through #1078 for $466,408.82 and checks #35817 through #35976 for $257,912.88 for a voucher total of $724,321.70 was made by Mrs. Wang, seconded by Mr. Arndt.  Motion passed unanimously.


2.                  District Receipts and Disbursements

Mr. Burhop reported that October is a light month for income highlighted by food service payments as the main revenue.




3.                  Cash Flow Report

Mr. Burhop described a cash flow situation where the district would have $66,743.70 in the Bank of Ontario after the November 16 vouchers and November 20 payroll.  The district has $221,204.52 in a money market account at the Farmers and Merchants Bank in Wilton, $200,676.00 in the Bank of Cashton, and $8,869.22 in American Deposit Management.  Mr. Burhop also reported that the district would receive an equalization aid payment on December 7, 2015.


C.    Superintendent’s Report

Mr. Burhop informed the Board of the 2016 school board election and reviewed the Teacher in-service agenda with the Board for the early release on November 24 and full day in-service on November 25.  Mr. Burhop also reviewed the Special Education Leadership in-service he attended, reviewed the hiring of Dan Hyatt as JV Reserve Basketball Coach, the signing with a Collection Agency for delinquent lunch accounts, that the Title VI(B) request to fund summer school was approved by the DPI, and that the asphalt work behind the shop on the driveway was completed by Mathy Construction.  Finally, Mr. Burhop informed the Board that two organizations are going to donate funds to mount two televisions in the school that will display school district and school activity information.


D.    High School Principal’s Report

Mr. Pettit informed the board about the Veteran’s Day Program, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Western Wisconsin Honors Band, Diversity Club news, results from the FFA blood drive, the Artists of the Month and Mrs. Langner informed the Board of RTI activities centered around the development of a character education grade in the Jr. & Sr. High School by presenting a character education rubric to the Board.  Finally, compliments were given to Mr. Nofsinger and the students involved in the fall school play.


E.     Elementary Principal’s Report

Dr. Luebke reported on the activities of the elementary art students, the book fair, performing arts, the 6th graders participating in the Math 24 competition, the Elementary Winter Concert and the Falcon Five winners for October.


F.     Athletic Director’s Report

Mr. Clinton’s report informed the Board of the October “Athletes of the Month” and that the final 2015-16 girls’ basketball date has been scheduled with Nekoosa at Brookwood.  He also informed the Board of the Winter Sports starting dates.


G.    Discussion on School Board Policy 352 – Field Trips and School Board Policy 352.1 – Out of Country Field Trips

Due to recent terrorists events in Paris, France, Wayne Barrett and Harvey Menn informed the Board of the status of the Europe trip planned for March of 2016.  Mr. Barrett commented that due to the recent terror activity in Paris, Education First, the company sponsoring the trip, has set a date of December 31, 2015 where if people scheduled to go on the trip wanted to back out at a full refund they could.  Mr. Burhop asked Mr. Barrett to make sure that information was correct, then recommended to the Board that letters needed to be mailed to all people scheduled to go on the trip, letting them know they had an option of cancelling their trip at a full refund if they felt the situation in Europe wasn’t safe.


After that a discussion of the alcohol consumption policy in School Board Policy 352.1 was discussed.  Mrs. Wang felt the alcohol part of the policy for adults on the Europe Trip was inconsistent with the other field trip policy and needed to be changed.  Mr. Arndt felt the student alcohol consumption part of the policy was also inconsistent with the other field trip policy and needed to be changed as well.  A discussion ensued about the historical, and current events about adults drinking alcohol on the Safety Patrol Trip and Europe Trip.  The Board directed Mr. Burhop to develop sample policies which established behavioral guidelines for chaperones on all field trips, but giving adults who are not chaperones, the authority to drink alcohol on a school sponsored European Trip. 


VII.          Public Comments

Wayne Barrett informed the Board that he was able to give his daughter a tour of the school building over Homecoming and commented on how clean and maintained the building looked.  He commended the custodial staff on maintaining a clean building and a student body and staff that takes pride in their building.  He also stated what a great job the students and staff did on the recent school play.


VIII.       New Business

A.    Revise School Board Policy 762.1 – Rule:  Food Service Collection

Mr. Burhop informed the Board that the changes were to simplify the process of informing parents and collecting money owed to food service.  Mr. Burhop informed the Board that at no time would the school deny a student lunch.  Motion to revise School Board Policy 762.1 – Rule, Food Service Collection, was made by Mr. Bauman, seconded by Mrs. Wang.  Motion passed unanimously.


B.     Approve Activity Account for Falcon Pride

Mr. Burhop informed the Board that the Falcon Pride parental group needs an activity account in order to run funds through the district at events where they serve concessions.  Motion to approve an activity account for Falcon Pride was made by Mrs. Wang, seconded by Mr. Streeter.  Motion passed unanimously.


C.    Approve Alternate Open Enrollment Application

Motion to approve the alternate open enrollment application of Ashlynn Franzwa was made by Mr. Bauman, seconded by Mr. Streeter.  Motion passed unanimously.


IX.             Adjourn

Motion to adjourn at 8:28 p.m. was made by Mr. Arndt, seconded by Mrs. Wang.  Motion passed unanimously.