Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton School District

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education

October 17, 2016

Brookwood High School Offices, Large Conference Room


I.                   Call To Order

The meeting was called to order by President Kurt Radke at 7:00 p.m.


II.                Roll Call

Board members present were, Mr. Muellenberg, Mr. Streeter, Mr. Arndt, Mr. Radke and Mr. Bauman.  Administration present was Dr. Burhop, Dr. Luebke, and Mr. Pettit.  Also present was the County Line


III.             Legal Meeting Determination

Motion to approve this as a legal meeting with proper notice was made by Mr. Streeter, seconded by Mr. Bauman.  Motion passed unanimously.


IV.             Approval of the Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda was made by Mr. Arndt, seconded by Mr. Muellenberg.  Motion passed unanimously.


V.                Approval of the Minutes

Motion to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of September 12, 2016 was made by Mr. Bauman, seconded by Mr. Muellenberg.  Motion passed unanimously


VI.             Reports

A.    Financial Reports

1.         Vouchers Payable

Motion to approve electronic fund transfers #1273 through #1288 for a total of $455,528.18, and vouchers #36950 through #37098 in the amount of $282,032.55 for a voucher total of $737,560.73 was made by Mr. Arndt, seconded by Mr. Muellenberg.  Motion passed unanimously.


2.                  District Receipts and Disbursements

Mr. Burhop highlighted Sparsity and Equalization Aides as main revenues in September.


3.                  Cash Flow Report

Mr. Burhop informed the board that after the vouchers approved tonight and the October 20 payroll, there would be $230,233.24 in the Bank of Ontario general fund, $200,751.58 in the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Kendall, $201,299.90 in the Bank of Cashton, and $300,846.20 in American Deposit Management.


B.     Superintendent’s Report

Mr. Burhop reported on the date and time of the annual meeting and budget hearing, stated that the 2016-17 budget as presented would be a balanced budget.  Other items Mr. Burhop informed the Board of were: 

Ø  Congratulated Dr. Luebke for being named “Outstanding Administrator of the Year” by the Midwest Wisconsin Reading Council.

Ø  Informed the Board about the TEACH Grant.

Ø  Informed the Board that a complaint has been filed with the Regional Offices of Kubota over Portland Implement’s handling of the warranty on the Kubota lawnmower serviced this past spring.


C.    Jr. & Sr. High School Principal’s Report

Mr. Pettit informed the Board of various activities in the Jr. & Sr. High School.  Included in the report were the Veterans Day program on November 10, FFA activities, the fall play scheduled for early November, the 8th Grade field trip to Madison, the Artists of the Month, and the One Act Play competition that has advanced to sectionals.


D.  Elementary Principal’s Report

Gayle Luebke reported on elementary activities including the performing arts event, the Falcon Five winners, the September Artists of the month and September Falcon Five winners.  Dr. Luebke also shared student academic data with the Board.  


E.  Activities Director’s Report

Mr. Clinton’s report highlighted the postseason schedules of Cross Country, Volleyball and Football.


VII.          Public Comments

There were no public comments


VIII.       New Business


A.    Approve Cross Country Overnight Field Trip

Mr. Burhop informed the Board that the Brookwood cross country team usually has an overnight field trip the night of the State Cross Country meet at Wisconsin Dells.  This year it would be October 29.  Motion to approve of the cross country overnight trip to Wisconsin Dells was made by Mr. Bauman, seconded by Mr. Arndt.  Motion passed unanimously.


B.     Approve Participation of Brookwood Students in Youth Options Courses

Mr. Pettit informed the school board that twenty-four students were signed up to take thirteen post-secondary courses in the spring of 2017.  All students qualify under School Board Policy 342.9 to take youth options courses.  The courses cost the district $20,470.97.  Motion to approve the Brookwood students taking spring post-secondary courses under youth options was made by Mr. Radke, seconded by Mr. Streeter.  Motion passed unanimously. 


IX.             Adjourn

Motion to adjourn at 7:25 p.m., was made by Mr. Bauman, seconded by Mr. Arndt.  Motion passed unanimously.