Norwalk-Ontario-Wilton School District

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education

January 23, 2017

Brookwood Jr. & Sr. High Offices – Large Conference Room


I.                   Call To Order

The meeting was called to order by President Kurt Radke at 7:03 p.m.


II.                Roll Call

Board members present were, Mr. Arndt, Mr. Muellenberg, Mr. Radke and Mr. Bauman.  Mr. Streeter was absent.  Administration present was Mr. Burhop, Mrs. Luebke and Mr. Pettit.  Also in attendance was Brian Wang, Steve Ahler and the County Line.


III.             Legal Meeting Determination

Motion to approve this as a legal meeting with proper notice was made by Mr. Arndt, seconded by Mr. Bauman.  Motion passed unanimously.


IV.             Approval of the Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda was made by Mr. Bauman, seconded by Mr. Muellenberg.  Motion passed unanimously.


V.                Approval of the Minutes

Motion to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 12, 2016 was made by Mr. Muellenberg, seconded by Mr. Arndt.  Motion passed unanimously.


VI.             Reports

A.    School District Auditor’s Report – Melanie Lendosky

Melanie Lendosky, school district auditor from Johnson Block, updated the NOW Board of Education on the financial audit of the school district from the 2015-16 fiscal year.  Highlights of the report centered on;

Ø  There were no findings of noncompliance

Ø  The fund balance of the district decreased by approximately $142,000 due to the payment of debt by the district.

Ø  The fund balance of $2,468,428 is considered solid and is enough to operate the school for three months without any revenues.

Ø  Reviewed sources of school district revenues.

Ø  Reviewed various trends in school district spending.

Ø  Recommended various internal controls on credit card payments and purchase orders.

Ø  Recommended continual monitoring of student food service liability.

Overall Ms. Lendosky stated that the school district was strong financially.


B.     Financial Reports

1.         Vouchers Payable

Motion to approve electronic fund transfers #1332 to #1352 in the amount of $492,426.28, and vouchers #37272 through #37361, in the amount of $229,061.19, for a total voucher amount of $721,487.47 was made by Mr. Arndt, seconded by Mr. Muellenberg.  Motion passed unanimously.


2.                  District Receipts and Disbursements

Mr. Burhop highlighted Special Education Aid as the main December receipts.  Mr. Burhop highlighted incoming tax payments from area municipalities as revenues for January and February.


3.                  Cash Flow Report

Mr. Burhop described a cash flow situation where the district would have $272,901.24 cash on hand at the Bank of Ontario, $400,923.36 in a money market account at the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Kendall, $201,502.56 in a money market account in the Bank of Cashton, and $140,104.37 in American Deposit Management General Fund. 


C.    Superintendent’s Report

Mr. Burhop reported that Kurt Radke filed candidacy papers for the school board.  Mr. Burhop also distributed a policy on employee cell phone use in school district vehicles for review at the February meeting.  Mr. Burhop also gave updates on the Nondiscrimination Self-Report, that NOW Elementary Principal Dr. Gayle Luebke was recognized as Outstanding Administrator of the Year by the Wisconsin State Reading Association, that Kristi Schlafer has been hired as a part-time cook, and that enrollment has decreased by 47 full-time equivalency students in the past 30 months.  Mr. Burhop also had Mr. Radke inform the NOW Board over information received from Senator Shilling and DOT Southwest Region Deputy Director Angela Adams on the status of State Highway 131.


D.    High School Principal’s Report

Mr. Pettit reported on FFA Activities, Special Olympic Activities, Artists of the Month, and in-servicing the Grades 7-12 staff on Academic and Career Planning on the February 1 Early Release Teacher In-service.


E.     Elementary Principal’s Report

Mrs. Luebke reported the Art Students of the Month, Youth Art Month, the Math Knowledge Tournament participants and their placing, and the Falcon Five for December.  Dr. Luebke also gave a state required report to the NOW Board on Achievement Gap Reduction (AGR) and the work of the Instructional Coach.  Detailed information for the AGR Report was presented to the Board on student academic achievement.  A description detailing the activities of the Instructional Coach was also shared.


F.     Athletic Director’s Report

Mr. Clinton’s report informed the Board on the Athletes of the Month and informed the Board of the first ever Conference Wrestling Title.


VII.          Public Comments

Brian Wang and Steve Ahler from Portland Implement asked to speak to the NOW Board over their decision to not pay two maintenance bills totaling $1,001.41 on the Kubota lawnmower purchased from Portland Implement.  Portland Implement and NOW District Administrator Kelly Burhop disagree on the maintenance costs associated with the Kubota Lawnmower purchased from Portland Implement should be covered under the lawnmower’s warranty.  The NOW Board directed Mr. Burhop to put this topic on the February Board agenda.


Karen Parker commented on the Auditor’s statement that 10%, or $1 million dollars of school district revenues came from federal sources and asked where the school district would be if these revenues ended under the current administration.  Mr. Burhop estimated that the school district receives close to $450,000 in ESSA (Title) funding, $150,000 in IDEA funding, and close to $400,000 in federal reimbursements for the National School Lunch Program.  He continued to state losing those funds would hurt but went on to add that ESSA was just passed by a bipartisan vote in Washington, and that IDEA and the National School Lunch Program have longevity and would be difficult to just end.


VIII.       New Business

A.    Approve 2017-18 Special Education Program Sizes

Mr. Burhop informed the Board that due to the open enrollment policy just passed a year ago, special education program numbers for 2017-18 needed to be approved by the Board in January.  The District could deny open enrollment to a student with an IEP who required services in NOW Special Education Programming if the open enrollment exceeded the number of students approved for each program by the NOW Board.  Mr. Burhop informed the Board that a year ago, Mrs. Springborn looked up the recommended caseloads by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, and the numbers presented were based on those recommendations.  The same numbers approved for 2016-17 would be recommended for 2017-18.  Mr. Burhop recommended a maximum of 6 students for Early Childhood, 8 students for Grades K-3 Cross Categorical, 8 Students Grades 4-6 Cross Categorical, 6 students Grades 5K - 8 EBD, 11 Students in Grades 7-9 Cross Categorical, 12 Students in Grades 9-12 LD/EBD/Cross Categorical, 8 Students in Grades K-12 CD, 20 students in grades 4-12 Speech and Language only, and an unlimited amount of students in grades 4K – 3 Speech and Language only.  Motion to approve the Special Education Program sizes as presented was made by Mr. Arndt, seconded by Mr. Bauman.  Motion passed unanimously.


B.     Approve 2017-18 Regular Education Class Sizes

Mr. Burhop informed the Board that no requirements for regular education open enrollment were needed.  Now that the school district hired an instructional coach, the 18 to 1 student to teacher ratio did not have to be followed in grades K5 through 3 to receive SAGE funding.  All other class sizes would not have a limit on them as well.  Therefore Mr. Burhop recommended an unlimited amount of regular students for grades K4 through 12.  Motion to approve the regular education class sizes as presented was made by Mr. Arndt, seconded by Mr. Muellenberg.  Motion passed unanimously.


C.    Approve Addendum Contract with CESA #4 for Part-time Social Worker

Mr. Burhop informed the Board that the NOW School District expressed interest in participating in having a part-time social worker.  Mr. Burhop recommended approving the addendum contract with CESA #4 the rest of this year, weighing the value of the service, and then determine if the service is cost efficient for 2017-18.  The cost for the remainder of 2017 was $13,765.  Motion to approve the Addendum Contract with CESA #4 for part-time Social Worker Services was made by Mr. Bauman, seconded by Mr. Muellenberg.   Motion passed unanimously.


IX.             Closed Session

Motion to move into closed session under Section 19.85(1)(c) to discuss the performance evaluation of the District Administrator was made by Mr. Bauman, seconded by Mr. Muellenberg.  Roll call Vote:  Mr. Muellenberg – Yes, Mr. Arndt – Yes, Mr. Radke – Yes, Mr. Bauman - Yes.


X.                Reconvene to Open Session

Motion to reconvene into open session was made by Mr. Bauman, seconded by Mr. Arndt.  Motion passed unanimously.


XI.             Adjourn

Motion to adjourn at 8:53 p.m. was made by Mr. Muellenberg, seconded by Mr. Arndt.  Motion passed unanimously.